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    I feel drawn to people that "do their thing", couples that celebrate their wedding in a unique and extraordinary way and don't do things because "that's what you're supposed to do".

    You need to know that I will do my thing too — to capture your wedding in the greatest way possible. To do that, it's really important that we feel a connection, that I'm not just another vendor at your wedding but a part of it and that we work together to create something outstanding for you.

    I'm always the best photographer that I can be if I shoot for myself. So in order to guarantee you the best results I will also shoot your wedding for me. I will shoot it as if I was the client that is supposed to be blown away by these photographs, because then you will be too.
    Know that if you decide to book me, you book my style and my point of view. If you like what's on this website, that's a pretty good start. Get in touch!




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