Gran Canaria

A simple landscape, strong light, and a model. There’s not much more I need when taking pictures, and actually I find it better when it stays simple like this. The lack of specific, or over-the-top, details in the background lets me focus on the model and impart this cinematic mood that’s both out of place and out of time.

Although I did this wedding photography style shoot in Gran Canaria, I don’t see it screaming “Gran Canaria”. It could have been taken anywhere. And that’s what I strive to do in my photography: going into the park or the palace or the place wherever it is and seeing and understanding and contrasting the different elements that are in front of me.

Letting the bride and groom be themselves in front of me, as I move around quickly and precisely and finding the in-between moments where they’ve stopped trying to pose for the camera—or have perhaps forgotten the camera entirely and are entirely themselves. Doing what they do, wherever they are, without pretensions.