Gran Canaria Wedding Photoshoot:
   Lourdes & Fran

Taking wedding pictures in Gran Canaria is a unique experience for me as a European: it’s still technically in Europe, but is also a desert completely unlike anywhere else. So when I shot Lourde and Fran during a wedding photography workshop I held in 2015, I took the opportunity for working on adapting my usual style and look to this new environment.

Lourde and Fran were great to work with. A couple who live on Gran Canaria, they know all about how the weather and desert work. And so when she got dressed up in this lovely elfenkleid dress and started walking around, I saw exactly the right ways to frame her and work with the calm blowing winds and expansive sand dunes leading off to the horizon.

I regularly hold wedding photography workshops in Austria and beyond, so if you’re a wedding photographer and want to learn from me — send me a line!

Dress: elfenkleid