Iceland Engagement Photographer:
   Hjördís & Egill

I’ve worked with Hjordis a few times, and this was the first time I worked with her and her boyfriend. Actually, he was her fiancee—they hired me to do their engagement shoot near their home in Iceland. To get the perfect setting we drove up to the Blue Lagoon, the Bláa Lónið, which is one of the countless spaces that make Iceland so renowned for wedding photographers.

They were naturals in the Icelandic landscape, and it was a treat to work as they interacted with each other and the nature. They were typically Icelandic, calm, self-assured, and totally consumed with the beauty of the nature around them.

A special treat came from their choice of clothes: both were dressed by Icelandic designers, she with a wedding dress by Andrea and he with clothes from the regional woolsmith Farmers Market.

Dress: Andrea
Coat: Farmers Market

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