Innsbruck Wedding

What can I say, I’m from the mountains and I love the mountains. Being born in Innsbruck, I’m naturally a big fan of winter wedding and here in this shoot Nina and Thomas helped create exactly what I find great about weddings in Tirol: the heights as romantic as they are dizzying.

We went up to one of the highest points around Innsbruck, the Hafelekar outlook, and were treated with views overlooking mountain range after mountain range. At 2.256 meters high the world seems to go on for ever and ever, and the best thing I can do as a photographer is point my camera and take in the sights!

The soft white of her dress and the wild white of the snow-capped mountains…it was amazing! Even if it’s cold—and oh, it was cold! Nina was a trooper when it came to wearing just that dress—there’s so much to be said for the love and connection that a couple can show off no matter what the location. I love capturing this, the moments where they show the smiles and the windswept hair and pulling off wearing boots with a wedding outfit!

Dress: elfenkleid