Inspiration Wedding Shoot in
   Vienna with Timo Bolte

We had barely a half hour for this Viennese wedding inspiration shoot, but with photo subjects — here Simona and Lukas — and a location there’s not much more that I need. Simona and Lukas especially were amazing to work with: a couple in real life, and models to boot, they danced around and I danced around them with my camera.

What made this one really special was working with Timo Bolte and his floral creations. Who’s Timo? “The crazy flower guy from Vienna” is accurate enough. Half clothing, half jewelry, completely unique in my eyes.

The dark of the skies, the moody air and wind sweeping in from across the fields. I could contrast that with the brilliance and saturation of her clothes and his rock-hard stoicism. It was during the calm before the storm, but the models and flowers kept this shoot anything but calm. And sometimes that’s great!

Dresses: Juergen Christion Hoerl
Flowers: Timo Bolte
Hair & Makeup: Claudia Fromaschitz – Gilbird
Models: Simona & Lukas