A laid back late summer wedding at lake
   Neusiedl: Verena & Thorsten

It’s a special sign of accomplishment when another photographer asks me to be their wedding photographer. In this case, it was Thorston and Verena: he’s a photographer from Graz, and asked me to join the two of them in an intimate getaway. They got married next to Lake Neusiedl with just a small group of close friends and family present.

For me as a photographer, it was an unusual location: there was lots of stuff around the location, including an oversized inflatable swan floating in a swimming pool, which made it exciting to search out different angles. My goal was to clearly highlight the most important things: the people, and the couple. Fortunately the couple created a very relaxed atmosphere and the whole ceremony ended up being more than memorable.

Afterwards we spent some time along the waterfront, which gave me even more chances to highlight the couple against the calm majesty of the lake, and then an extra bit of fun came as the whole wedding party turned into a real party in the Austrian style: at a Heurigen just a few kilometers down Burgenland’s country roads.

Dress: elfenkleid