Same Sex Wedding Austria:
   Andreas & Adrian

A creative couple deserves creative wedding photography. Here I got to work with Andreas, a photographer and graphic designer — and Adrian, a former ballet dancer. What potential, I knew I had a lot to work with and I knew the perfect place for this Viennese couple’s shoot: Seestadt Aspern, a sprawling tract of land just outside of Vienna that used to be an airfield. Now it’s under construction to become a housing development.

But that’s not the important part: what matters is what it gave us; the muted color palate, the far-off horizons combined with the immediacy of the rock piles, and that soft sun’s late-afternoon glow. This gave me so much to work with and I’m very happy how it came out.

It was also the first time that I had done a same-sex photography shoot, and so gave me the chance to keep developing couple dynamics. Making sure that my photos give everybody the equality, the dignity and strength that they have in life: man, woman, groom, bride, we’re all equally people.