Garden Wedding in Walpersdorf Castle:
   Julia & Johannes

Sometimes I meet a couple ahead of the wedding, other times I meet them for the first time on the day itself. For Julia and Johannes’ wedding, it was the latter: and what an exciting adventure it was. We hit it off right away, I had a great feeling about them and they were equally open to me.

Working with couples who are so free is wonderful, because it means that I’m able to get into those rooms and scenes where the real emotions happen. I’m able to see the unplanned, and capture the in-between moments that truly reveal the couple’s emotions and lover for each other.

And their openness was well complemented with their choice of wedding venue: Schloss Walpersorf, an extensive but subdued castle near Vienna that’s famed for hosting cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, and yes—weddings. It was the perfect background because it’s dignified but not overly detailed: I could show off the details in their clothes, their looks at each other, their movements and gestures, and highlight these without being overwhelmed by the background.

Venue: Schloss Walpersdorf