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   Hochzeitsguide’s Vow

VOW is the Hochzeitsguide’s first printed magazine. It came out recently and is the ultimate bilingual guide for fine art wedding inspiration. Whether you are now planning yours or just dreaming about hitting the aisle with style, you should find the perfect idea to suit you and your big day.
The guide is filled with great works from different talented artists and is a source of planning for different modern approaches. Besides all the detailed information, there are plenty of expressive photos and the content is distinctive, with glamorous stories in German and English. You can order your very own VOW on their shop.
I am pleased to take part on this first edition and have my photos features. Big thanks to Timo Bolte for the floral design, to Huergen Christian Hoerl for the dresses, to Carina Bauer Unzeitg for the make up and to all Hochzeitsguide team! I wish you guys lots of success.