10th wedding anniversary in Italy:
   Andrea & Federica

It’s always a great honor when fellow photographers as me to take their pictures. Here, Andrea and Federica were getting ready to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary and wanted some photos to remember the occasion. Since they themselves are fellow wedding photographers, I knew that they knew what to look for in a good photograph—and would be open to working with me and together find those moments and scenes that are anything but conventional.

So I went down to their combination house-and-studio near Rome to spend the day with them. And I think it turned out great. They were very natural in front of the camera, instead of posing they might just act as they would on any other day.

So in this freedom I was able to experiment, compare and contrast the different details of his tattoos and casually formal outfit, highlight the red of her nail polish and his tie and her shirt. And it was a really cool experience to follow them through the day, from getting ready on their own all the way to the laid-back fun and party with their friends.