Couple Shoot at
   Hermesvilla in Vienna

I joined Anna and Peter for the most intimate wedding I’ve ever been asked to photograph. Actually, so intimate that I didn’t even photograph the wedding ceremony itself.

So I caught up with them after for a couples’ shoot in the sprawling Lainzer Zoo, and the fabulous Hermesvilla. The dark hedgerows cut up the landscape into parcels of seclusion and the dark sky overhead was like the lid of a pot sealing us into an world all our own. I let my eyes run wild and let them walk wild in front of me, and came away with this set.

Anna’s a former model, and called me up on her own a few months before the shoot because she had seen my work and liked my style. It’s great to work with couples like this because the trust that we have in each other lets me run free and come away with the best pictures: the pictures that I want to take.