Wedding Inspirations in
   Semperdepot Vienna

From the outside, the Semperdepot is imposing but relatively unremarkable; it could be a century-old office building or perhaps an apartment block. But once inside you’re greeted with this: a diamond in the rough, a cavernous hall and story after story of open air and fine wrought-iron metal work.

It makes for a fantastic background, and in this Viennese wedding photography inspiration shoot I had so much fun playing with the light and the dark, picking out this window or that railing, and finding the details in the model’s dress and overwhelmingly colorful—in contrast to the subdued colors of the Semperdepot—bouquet of flowers.

I haven’t yet shot an actual wedding here, but I know it would be just a perfect wedding venue.

Dress: elfenkleid
Venue: Semperdepot