Wedding Photographer Canary Islands:
   Julia & Loren

I love trying out new styles and experimenting with my wedding photography in Gran Canaria. The islands are still technically in Europe, but feel like a world away from my usual surroundings in Vienna.

So when I headed down there and met up with Julia and Loren for this couple’s shoot, my main goal was to take the nature—the wind, the sun, the sand—and the people, and show off through photos how they interact in such a carefree way.

What I found was a couple who didn’t get sucked into details. They were open calm, not worried about the particulars or trying to focus on one aspect. Instead, they just let it happen: her hair flew through the wind uninhibited by hairspray or the like, his shirt unbuttoned as you might on a summer day and his feet barefoot across sand and rock and pavement.

Dress: elfenkleid