Wedding Photographer

When people call me up, they so often ask if I have specific places in mind for a photo shoot of this or that style. This park, that castle, the one with a dot and name marking it on the map. The best places are sometimes those that aren’t exactly places, but rather just spots along the path. Everywhere, anywhere, can be beautiful.

Like this one. It’s off in the Austrian Alps, near my childhood home in Tirol. Wide open skies contrasted with rolling hills, and fields next to forests, and the sun filtering through the clouds. Tall grass, towering trees, and shadowy hills off in the background are no features you’ll find on a tourist map but that’s exactly the point. When we were there, with such beautiful weather, and the sun laid across us this ethereal mood that showed off her gown with what a soft glow I knew it was perfect.

Yes, the location is important. It’s vitally important, because a good location gives context and atmosphere to the couple. But a specific location, somewhere with a name, that’s not so important.

Dress: elfenkleid