Johanna & Boris getting married
   in Walpersdorf Castle

By the time Johanna and Boris began planning their Vienna wedding at Schloss Walpersdorf, they had already seen my work: they were guests at wedding in Schladming, Austria, that I had photographed two years prior. Then when they reached out to me, and asked if I would photograph their wedding, I was really happy to say yes.

Walpersdorf Castle is a beautiful Late Renaissance property just west of Vienna, and it proved the perfect backdrop: I could follow the couple around throughout the day, getting close to them and figuring out what they like, and all the while find those small moments that I love so much to discover.

The castle is magnificent, large, but at the same time sterile: like a mountain or wide open field, its lack of specific features let it just fall off into the background. It didn’t overrun the couple, but rather complemented them. With the white stone walls and vivid green grass as essentially a blank canvas, I had a great time playing as they interacted in and around the negative space.

Dress: elfenkleid
Venue: Schoss Walpersdorf