Wedding Shoot in Vienna, Lobau:
   Bettina & Robert

A clean white button-up, but with tattoos peaking out from the collar and cuffs. A white dress, but with splashes of yellow at the hem. Flowers held in her hand, and flowers tattooed on his hand. Bettina and Robert brought out their best for this couples’ shoot, and it was so fun to explore the interplay of the traditional and non-traditional elements they showed, and using my camera to catch the rebellious, the fresh and contemporary, edge that they projected so naturally.

This was my first shoot with a couple here in Austria. Up until this point, my photographic work was primarily studio based. But then I started looking around at other photographers around Austria, and realized that there weren’t many wedding photographers who worked in a style that I liked. A wedding photography style that is clean, minimal, contemporary yet timeless. And so I thought to myself: if I get married, how would I want people to photograph me? And I realized that the only way to answer that question would be by doing it myself: by taking the kinds of pictures that I would want of my wedding.

And when I look back on these pictures—even now, years later—I remember how much fun it was to find all the little contrasting parts of their personalities, finding and celebrating these little details. And how far I’ve come since then.

Dress: Whatever Eye